divorced & re-discovering yourself summit

No-one gets married thinking,

"I hope we can get divorced someday!"

Even if it’s something you wanted, divorce still represents a loss, especially if you have been married for many years and if there are children involved.

Divorce is the second most stressful life transition you can make. (The first is surviving the death of your spouse/partner.) It can turn your world upside down. This means that your body and mind perceive divorce as a loss so, one of the most important aspects is to give yourself time to grieve so that you can let go and move forward in a healthy way.

If you don’t deal with your feelings, without realizing it, you might hold on to anger and resentment and Instead of creating a bright new future, you’ll find yourself dragging heavy baggage from your past into your new life.

past to new bright future

Because it didn’t work out the way you thought it would, doesn’t mean there must be something wrong with you. This is the time when you learn to love yourself, learn to forgive and release any self-limiting beliefs you may have.

Believe it or not self-love is the key to making it through these challenging times... It may seem superfluous, but it's not. 

I Learned This The Hard Way

But You Don't Have To!

Join us in the Divorced and Re-Discovering Yourself Summit and gain tools to help you transition into your next chapter living life with more confidence where you thrive.

Divorced and Re-Discovering Yourself Summit

Thriving In Your Changing World

December 15-16, 2020 

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Ten top notch speakers have agreed to share with you how you can dramatically improve your life, save more money, stay out of debt, date without worry, eat healthy, decrease stress and much, much more!

These 10 Rock-Stars will share their best secrets to help you to move into the next chapter of your life and into 2021 with ease and grace, knowing that even with all the challenges the world is going through, it’s going to be a truly fantastic year.

Meet Our AMAZING Speakers

cheryl A majors

Cheryl A. Major

How and Why Your Food

Choices Affect Your Mood

deborah hilgerman

Deborah Hilgerman

Don't Panic... There is a Health Insurance Advocate in your corner!

diane sussman

Diane Sussman

Taking Control - Financial Organization & Money Management

jean border

Jean Border

Tapping into Your

Personal Power

sandi derby

Sandi Derby

From Grieving to Thriving

Following Divorce

sharon silver

Sharon Silver

The Best Intentions

elisa ellis

Elisa Ellis

You're Worth It! Start Living

with Confidence

kathy hicks

Kathy Hicks

Creating a Fit Life

Through Exercise

rita boccuzzi

Rita Boccuzzi

Financial Tips

to Flourish

crista beck dating coach

Crista Beck

Ready For Love? Learn How To Open Your Heart To Love Again

I'm thrilled to be bringing this amazing group together for your benefit. I look forward to helping you to apply what you discover and create a life that you will love more than ever!

Your Host

Hazel Palache -

Life and Business Mentor

Here's a Sample of What the Speakers Will Share With You:

  • From stressed to being your best.
  • Take charge of your finances.
  • How to stay healthy in mind and body.
  • How to live anxiety and stress free.
  • Drama free parenting.
  • Dating again after divorce - without mistakes!
  • Learning to love again.
  • How to avoid the top money mistakes divorced women make.
  • Planning for your future.

Like everyone, you’re human. Humans are not perfect, we make mistakes and that’s OK because that’s how we learn. Now it’s time to be kind to yourself.

When you’re married, even if you have a business, you often lose part of yourself. Women tend to put the children, and spouse before themselves so maybe you ended up not doing the things you would have loved to do.

Divorce may not have been what you envisioned in your life. However, even divorce can have a silver lining if you look for it so now it’s time to re-discover who you used to be.

It’s time to dust off your dreams and create a “ME LIST” of things you’d love to do when the world gets back to where we can do things and places you want to go.

When and Where is This Summit?



December 15th-16th, 2020

This is a virtual event. The interviews can be accessed from wherever you are most comfortable.

In case life gets in the way and you can’t attend each session live, recordings will be available for 48 hours. You won’t want to miss this information! This summit is about empowering yourself so that you move into 2021 with power and total confidence.


Join Us for the Divorced and Re-Discovering Yourself Summit

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Hazel Palache

Summit Host

About Your Host

Hazel Palache holds certifications as a Life Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and stress management counselor. Additionally she is an Amazon bestselling Author, and motivational speaker.

Hazel partners with women over 40 who are going through some kind of transition, whether it’s divorce, becoming widowed, retiring, empty nesters or want to start their own business. She teaches them to release fears and doubts to increase confidence, decrease stress and anxiety and to focus on tapping into their own incredible power so they create a life they love on their own terms.

For more information about Hazel and her programs visit www.LiveYourAbundantLife.com where you can also download her free gift.