Imagine Easily Releasing Your Unwanted Excess Pounds and Inches at a Very Affordable Cost

If you reached this page it could be that you are probably wishing there was a simple way to release unwanted excess pounds and inches... Without crash dieting, feeling deprived or risking your health with invasive gastric by-pass surgery.

No Pain, No Invasive Surgery And You Get the Same Results!

It Is Possible - Find Out How...

It can be rough to walk around day after day living with excess pounds!  Your energy, your work, your self-esteem can drop dramatically, especially if you’ve tried many times to release the pounds and inches and nothing seems to have worked.

You Have at Your Fingertips the One Tool that Can Help You FINALLY Release Excess Pounds and Inches Easily and Enjoy the Slim, Healthy Body YOU Deserve.

I want to introduce you to a different way of releasing those unwanted pounds. It gets your mind and body on the same page without drastic diets or invasive surgery but you get the same results!

Imagine losing the weight naturally, without stress or emotion, strict diets, or surgery. Just imagine your body and your life once you feel healthier and look the way you want too!

Ask yourself these questions...

  • How would you feel if you could do this?
  • How would your life be different?
  • What would you be able to do?

Even if you’ve lost weight and regained it a number of times, this time can be different! You can get there and change your life! Let me introduce the process that has helped so many men and women release the unwanted pounds and inches naturally and easily.

Finally Release Any Excess Weight Painlessly, Easily, Naturally, and Affordably With

Virtual Gastric Lap-Band Hypnosis

Sounds different…crazy even! If you’ve never heard of this before it might be a little different for you but rest assured, these hypnosis techniques are backed by science and are entering hospitals and clinics all over the world.

Releasing pounds and inches with Virtual Gastric Lap-band hypnosis provides all the benefits of the surgical procedure without any invasive surgery or pain and you still get the same results.

It’s Been Done Over and Over Again, Successfully
And Now You Can Benefit From It Too

You don’t need to have anxiety about any risks or the painful recovery from actual physical surgery. Virtual Gastric Lap-Band Hypnosis uses the power of your subconscious mind—that part of you that drives nearly everything you do whether you like it or not. This proven and painless process gets your mind on board.

Here's How It Works

Your subconscious mind is so powerful that after this process it fully accepts the suggestions given and truly believes that the surgery has occurred and that your stomach is now much smaller so you will naturally want to eat much smaller portions and naturally release those excess pounds!

Just Imagine For A Moment The Ultimate Outcome

You will…

  • Release unwanted pounds and inches
    Lower Your blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Decrease your risk of getting diabetes
  • Stay healthy as you get older
  • Wear clothes you always wanted to wear
  • Feel younger and more energized

People who want to release excess weight will pay almost anything to get slimmer and healthier but they really don’t want to go through painful risky surgery. Now you can get the same benefits with virtual gastric lap band hypnosis and it works just like having had the surgical procedure but without any nasty side effects.

The virtual lap-band process is very safe and you can expect predictable results that carry no risk. Whether you want to lose 10lbs or 50lbs, this system is suitable for almost everyone.

One Of The Most Important Factors About The Virtual
Process Is That It Changes Your Mindset And Your
Relationship With Food.

Having the actual surgical procedure does not deal with the subconscious negative messages around food AND, unlike the surgical procedure, another positive with the virtual process is that you don’t have to eat a pureed or liquid diet for the first few weeks or pay an exorbitantly high fee.

This is not a short term fix. Creating new habits will get you where you want to be and enable you to successfully maintain your results. The result is steady, progressive weight reduction - without dieting without feeling deprived.

So What Is Virtual Lap-Band?

The surgical Gastric Band procedure works by reducing the size of the stomach so you can eat smaller portions and you feel full. But, the surgical method as you know, has drawbacks. It is very costly, typically thousands of dollars, you have to go through invasive surgery and there are side effects. 

However, because your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between illusion and reality, with virtual gastric band your subconscious can be convinced that you've actually undergone the surgical procedure … without any invasive surgery any pain or any forbidden foods.

Imagine making your appetite smaller and your cravings for sweets and carbohydrates disappear as you continually release excess weight. There’s no surgery and no medications. However, it is not magic! You are controlling this yourself by re-programming your own mind so you don’t want to eat large amounts of food.

See What Dr. Oz and Oprah Have To Say About It!

“I believe hypnosis can help you control the demons causing you to overeat.”
-Dr. Mehmet Oz’s comment on Hypnosis

“Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight.'
- The Oprah Magazine

This is not crazy stuff from who knows where, this is a real process that real people are using and are turning to more and more everyday. But, before I go on, please allow me to introduce myself and tell you WHY I think Virtual Lap-Band Hypnosis can be a life-changing choice for you!

Testimonial/Author Section

My name is Hazel Palache, I’ve been in the field of personal, professional and spiritual development for nearly 30 years and using hypnosis, have helped hundreds of people just like you, to stop negative thinking, increase confidence, release excess weight, let go of unwanted negative behaviors and habits, achieve their goals, increase their energy and much, much more.

Hazel Palache

I hold certifications as a master clinical hypnotherapist, life results coach, NLP practitioner, chemical dependency counselor and stress management counselor. Additionally I’m an Amazon best selling author and motivational speaker as well as the president of Live Your Abundant Life.

Let me tell you a secret about life… Wealth is not just about money.

Good Health, Living a Joyful, Spiritual Life with
Financial Freedom = Wealth

I know from being a hypnotherapist for over 25 years and from the success I’ve seen with my clients, that hypnosis will help you to succeed faster to not only reach your ideal weight goal and help you to maintain the weight you desire it will also help you to achieve the success you want in all areas of your life!

It’s not unusual for someone who has something they want to change, whether a habit or behavior, to have hypnosis and contact me within a week to let me know about the wonderful changes they’ve made.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 66% of adults in America are overweight or obese.100,000 – 400,000 deaths each year are attributed to obesity.

You Really Don’t Want to be One of Those Right?


“I have been doing hypnosis with Hazel for a couple of months now. I was totally skeptical about the whole hypnosis concept and really didn't believe I could be hypnotized. Not only can I be hypnotized, but it really works!!!!! I have made great strides in my personal growth since working with Hazel. She really knows what she is doing. If you have any areas in your life where you are stuck or insecure, please give Hazel and her amazing skills a try. You won't be sorry you tried something new. Hazel is also a certified business/life coach, with so much knowledge and experience behind her, Hazel is truly a gem among the rest. Thank you Hazel.”  

Heather Priamos. Owner, Secret Garden Hair Studio, Studio City, CA.

You Are Worth Releasing Any Excess Weight So You Can Be The Best and Most Healthy You For The Rest of
Your Life!

Are You Ready to Let Go Of Unwanted Pounds and Inches, Lower Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol and Get Really Healthy?

Are You Ready To Release Unwanted Pounds & Inches, Lower Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol and Get Really Healthy?

There are many reasons why people are over-weight. The most common of these is emotional comfort eating. This is a pattern that can easily be changed so you truly feel and look the way you want.

Virtual Lap-Band Hypnosis is an innovative system for releasing excess unwanted weight and maintaining it.

Hi Hazel, I am very pleased with the mp3's. I now listen to tape #4 nearly daily in the morning and so far I have lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. This lap-band program is great and I highly recommend it! 
- Name Withheld By Request

You Can Have An Experience Just Like These People…

The Surgical Procedure

The surgical procedure is very expensive.

The surgical procedure involves making an incision to place a band around a portion of your stomach to make it smaller. This can cause negative side effects. 

Recovering from gastric lap-band surgery generally takes 2 to 8 weeks.

With the surgical procedure you have to eat liquid or pureed for for the first two weeks!

The Virtual Procedure

The virtual procedure is very cost-effective

The Virtual procedure is completed without the incision or any side effects.

With virtual gastric lap-band there is no recovery time needed.

With the virtual procedure you can immediately eat your favorite

Whether it's business or life coaching, Hazel gives you everything you need to change the way you think. She includes hypnosis so you are able to achieve focus and abundance in a short period of time. Her programs and products are full of profound wisdom and cut right to the core.
- Sue Altman, Los Angeles, CA

The Virtual Procedure Is One Of The Safest And Most Permanent Way To Release Excess Weight Without The Risks Of Having An Invasive Surgical Procedure.

More people than ever across the world are using virtual gastric lap band hypnosis to attain their desired weight. It has a 95% success rate and by following the instructions you can be one of those successes!  The hypnosis process was originally developed in Europe as an alternative to the invasive surgical procedure.                                                                                         

This is how the gastric lap-band looks when you opt for surgery.  The band is placed around a portion of the stomach so that it creates a small pouch. When this pouch is full you stop overeating because it’s the only portion of your stomach that takes in food. If you eat the wrong foods or overeat you have very unpleasant side effects.

When you use the virtual procedure your subconscious will imagine this so that you eat smaller portions however in the unlikely event that you overeat or eat something unhealthy, because you have not had a surgical procedure there will be no side effects.

How These Hypnosis Lap Band Recordings Work

Just like the surgical procedure, gastric lap band hypnotherapy will result in very real weight loss but, please remember, lap band hypnosis is not magic it’s a tool! If you want long-term weight loss and health improvement you will also need to make some lifestyle changes and follow the given directions in the e-book that is part of the program.  As always, the power of success lies with you!

Since your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between illusion and reality the sessions are designed to convince your subconscious mind that you have physically gone through a surgical lap band procedure.

Working with Hazel Palache is a life-changing experience. Last Fall I was fortunate enough to have met Hazel at an event. What happened later did change my life. During the 30 years of my career, I was an accomplished public speaker and presented at many professional meetings for the education community throughout the nation. I held numerous seminars for teachers to help them integrate technology into their daily instruction. I experienced a difficult divorce and loss of a job, which later caused me to lose confidence in myself. I gradually moved to me being extremely afraid to speak in public. I would panic, sweat and lose my voice if I had to speak in a group or in front of an audience.

Hazel performed two sessions of hypnosis for me over the phone. After these two sessions, my confidence came back and now I have no trouble speaking in front of any group. I have complete confidence that I can write and speak with great success and that I will get my point out to my audience with enthusiasm and fun. Thank you, Hazel, you changed my life! -

Penny Dyer, PhD - President and Founder of

Frequently Asked Questions

So it doesn’t actually involve surgery?

Will the hypnotherapist be in control of my mind?

Am I suitable for the virtual lap-band process?

Will it work for me?

How will I feel?

What if I go to sleep?

A virtual procedure is like ‘’pushing a button” so that your brain changes its attitude toward food so you can have control over cravings and unhealthy habits.  There is no need to deprive yourself of foods you enjoy. Weight is released naturally with smaller portions and healthy food.  You will also find you have much more energy.

This is not a short term fix.  When you create new habits you will get where you want to be and will be able to maintain your weight loss successfully. The result is steady, progressive weight reduction - without dieting.

One More Thing…Hypnosis is not counseling!  It’s a powerful tool used for changing unwanted behaviors which has been approved by leading medical associations for more than 50 years.

Hypnosis has been approved by The American and British Medical Associations since the1950’s.  It has been used by thousands of people to release excess weight, stop smoking and to decrease pain among others.

Today, Hypnosis is widely used in a variety of professional fields including; dentistry, medicine, professional sports and education.


I began working with Hazel to grow my business, but in addition to helping me to create the life of my dreams she has contributed to my having a healthier life as well.  Following a hypnosis session with Hazel for overcoming anxiety I made many discoveries about myself; one was that I no longer wanted to be addicted to cigarettes. I actually threw away my smoking habit. I have smoked for over 35 years stopping only during pregnancies.  At the end of the session I of course headed for a cigarette and found myself with no desire for it at all. That was over 2 years ago and I have not smoked since- nor did I gain weight- in fact I lost a few pounds.  Hazel you are amazing!  

Donna Smith Bellinger, Chicago, USA

Hazel, It Sounds Fantastic! I'm Ready
To Invest In Myself & A Healthier Future!

Once you receive the program be sure to read the complete e-book before listening to the audios and follow the directions so you achieve the ultimate results you want.  

Your Order will be processed on Secure Servers.

I could have made this pages and pages long but with everybody having time constraints these days I decided this gives you all the information you actually need and some testimonials so you can see that hypnosis works in many different ways.

My vision is to stamp out obesity and the negative side effects you can have by being over-weight and, to help 1,000’s of people to become healthier, to feel more confident and fulfilled so you are able to live with conscious awareness and lead a healthy life filled with more fun, joy and freedom.  

I know without a doubt that this will change your life. Here’s to your health and your life!

If you have any hesitation about making this investment in yourself, your health and your life think about how much it's costing you to stay where you are and what might happen if you don’t take care of yourself now! 

If you do have any questions that are hindering your decision you can email me. I promise to personally reply.  

What you get when you order The Virtual Lap-Band Process.

The program is divided into four audio sessions plus a special guide. The process has been  designed to prepare your mind for healthy life-changes and to guide you through the hypnosis process to re-train your subconscious and provide support and reinforcement to easily progress toward releasing the excess unwanted pounds and inches you no longer want.

An informational e-book about how the program works, that includes food suggestions and much more. 

  • Recording #1  - Relaxation 
  • Recording #2    Pre-operation
  • Recording #3    Actual virtual procedure
  • Recording #4    Recording for maintenance if needed.

As you progress through the audios your mind will believe it is “experiencing” gastric bypass surgery and it will respond as though the surgery has actually been performed... but without...

  • Residual pain
  • Extensive recovery time
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Feelings of deprivation and intense, insatiable hunger
  • The outrageous expense of physical surgery
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