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Day 2 VIP Access

Transitioning from your existing comfort zone and creating a new comfort zone is not really as challenging as you may think and having support makes it so much easier.

Whatever age you are, wherever you are right now in life, the “The Mindset Reset” program will give you a way to have strong support, to boldly create the new live of your dreams.

Mindset Reset 2021

jean border

Jean Border is an intuitive, a Holistic Healer, a passionate coach, and a mentor for other healers. She incorporates Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping) to help her clients shed emotional baggage that might be negatively impacting their outlook, health, or emotional state. She is the author of the new book series Energy Healing 101 available on Amazon.

Tapping into Your Personal Power

While you are BEING FIERCE and stepping into your PERSONAL POWER, please take advantage of a short EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping session I’ve recorded to help you discover the new you that is emerging. Watch it as often as you’d like when you need to regain some calm and confidence.

rita boccuzzi

Rita Boccuzzi


Rita Boccuzzi is a financial intelligence expert (and a cancer survivor/thriver). She is passionately committed to guiding women to achieve financial peace of mind that includes transforming money conversations and releasing money confusion, expanding financial knowledge and building confidence regarding money and wealth.

Rita is a proven professional who is leading the movement to Raise Your Financial Intelligence and scale to Financial Freedom. She educates and empowers women to achieve financial independence by getting core issues on how women relate to money along with teaching practical strategies.

Lovingly known as Mamma Rita Money she leads Leveled UP Ladies, Wine, Women & Wealth events and Money 101 educational workshops (all FREE). She is CEO of Flourish Inc and partnered with Five Rings Financial. Rita is a Board Member to the Bloom Again Foundation, Rotarian & Soroptimist. Check out

Financial Tips to Flourish $$$$

My special offer is an amazing downloadable that you are going to devour "50 Empowering Tips for Wealth & Finance". These tips are invaluable as they are the culmination of over 12 years of impactful tips from Thought Leaders and Successful Multi-Millionaire and Billionaire Wealth Builders.

sharon silver

Sharon Silver

Proactive Parenting

My world blew up when my parents got divorced. Don’t get me wrong; it was the best choice for them. The judge said he’d never met two loving people who just knew the marriage was over. It was how they handled things behind the scenes that created a problem that traveled into parenting my children. My name Sharon Silver, and I’m sharing my perspective as a parent educator and as a child of divorce with you on The Best Intentions, my segment during this summit.

Parenting and Divorce; Using a Mindful Authority

3 Steps to Stop Reacting

You're mad. If you keep talking, you're going to react and say something you don't want to. You're standing at a crossroads. More words are exchanged—you're triggered. Words begin flying out, even though you were trying to hold back. 3 Steps to Stop Reacting supports and guides you as you shift from reacting to responding, even though you're triggered.

kathy hicks

Kathleen Hicks

Blueprint Fitness

Kathy Denise Hicks, a California transplant from Texas, is a lifelong entrepreneur/writer who recently pivoted from Civil Engineering to build an online fitness and health business. After working 15 years as an engineer, she decided to not only change her physical fitness level but focus on helping others do the same.

Kathy became a Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist in 2016. She currently inspires clients to incorporate habits which alleviate joint and muscular pain, increase energy, and attain their ideal weight. Kathy’s mantra “No Pain, More Gain” is truly exemplified through her coaching technique and expertise. Her six-week course Fit Life Blueprint has helped many women create their dream body.

Midlife Fitness – No pain more gain

Kathleen has a very informative guide with 5 steps to get you going in the direction towards a "Fit Life", using interactive mindset, nutrition and fitness activities. This guide includes a journal, links to phone applications, and sample exercise videos. Download Too Busy Too Stressed - "Fit Life" Guide for Women

crista beck dating coach

Crista Beck has spent the past 11+ years helping single people find love again as a dating coach.

Single people come to her when they are not meeting the right people, they are tired of the inauthenticity of dating apps, or dating feels like work, and what they really want is a real connection with a quality person.

She has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and TEDx. Her message has been heard by over a million people globally. With over 20,000 hours of meditation, as well as an award winning violinist, Crista believes in the power of REAL LOVE, and its ability to change the world.

She is also the podcast host and author of the Amazon best selling book, Break The Glass Slipper: Free Yourself of Fairy Tale Fantasies and Find True Love in Real Life.

She is passionate about exposing societal fantasies about dating and relationships that sabotage our ability to attract a healthy and happy long term relationship.

Ready For Love? Learn How To Open Your Heart To Love Again

If you want to…

  • Take your dating life to the next level and find a great partner
  • Set your love life up for success
  • Know what to avoid so you don't make common mistakes on the dating scene

Take Crista Beck’s Dating IQ quiz and predict your success in finding love AND learn secrets to having a fulfilling dating life, so you can experience fun, connection, love, and passion both day–to–day and long–term.

Crista’s Dating IQ Quiz will illuminate the 4 disciplines that make the difference between a healthy, and powerful dating life vs. one that's in despair, and struggling.

This 4 minute quiz exposes what to pay attention to and specific actions you can take, so your love life THRIVES.

Invest in your love life and take the free quiz now:

Hazel Palache

Summit Host

About Your Host

Hazel Palache holds certifications as a Life Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and stress management counselor. Additionally she is an Amazon bestselling Author, and motivational speaker.

Hazel partners with women over 40 who are going through some kind of transition, whether it’s divorce, becoming widowed, retiring, empty nesters or want to start their own business. She teaches them to release fears and doubts to increase confidence, decrease stress and anxiety and to focus on tapping into their own incredible power so they create a life they love on their own terms.

For more information about Hazel and her programs visit where you can also download her free gift.